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Affordable LED Magnifiers and other solutions, all without cutting corners
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Affordable LED magnifiers for industry

The Accu-Lite® line is our answer to those seeking more affordable LED magnifiers and inspection equipment for their workspaces, while maintaining quality products designed for industry use. Other vendors often attempt to copy our products, using low quality materials and offering a lower price point. In addition to innovative, patented designs, we have always prided ourselves on using the highest quality and most resilient components.

Accu-Lite® cuts no corners in providing world class magnification and clarity. First of all, we use only crown white optical glass, and all Accu-Lite® models feature full dimming range of 100-5%. Additionally, with an ultra-sensitive touch membrane switch on each shade, dimming happens quickly and provides proper lighting for even the most challenging inspection tasks. Total power consumption is under 15W, for energy efficiency savings! The blended white 5000k light is easy on the eyes and provides balanced color rendition.

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Attached to a microscope, this LED Illuminator features specialized quadrant lighting controls. As a result, you can set the angle of lighting for your particular application. With 72 angled LEDs and 10 step variable dimming control, you are assured consistent intensity through the range.

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With a design based on what’s used in many professional recording studios today, the Podcast Pro™ is exactly what podcasters have been looking for. Handsome and easily adjustable, it’s a squeak-free mic arm for a price that deserves a double take. (Microphone not included.)

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