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2023 New OC White Products

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Established 1883
“Next to abundant daylight, no method of lighting so well satisfies the individual doing work of an exacting nature as having his own light readily adjustable to the position desired; from any direction, at any angle, and at the right distance.”
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- President 1883-1901 -
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Now THIS is what I call a bench light!!! Well worth the price paid.

Wayne Mastel

I go live on YouTube every day and have purchased just about every high end mic boom there is (I’m kind of an addict). Everything was (ok) – then I found the ProBoom® Ultima™ LP Adjustable Mic Boom. One word. SPEECHLESS! Not only can I have it go under my monitor and pop up right under my face (instead of having a spider like boom coming in from the side […]

Chris Luck - Dedicated YouTuber

I just received our first three O.C. White Green-Lite™ LED rectangular lens models… amazing glass quality and illumination compared to what we’ve been using!

Kerry - PacSci Aerospace & Defense

After over 30 years of using various mic arms, the ULP-12MA ProBoom Ultima is the best….and LAST mic arm I will ever use. No spring reverberation, smooth movement, and very well built….solid. Not to mention it compliments my workstation. Worth every penny and highly recommended! Buy it…..period.

Victor - Victor Lisle Voice Talent | Geneva, IL

Hi folks! Just installed a model 82400-4 in my cleanroom for visual inspection. Gotta say, when the unit arrived I was floored by the sturdiness of the assembly; it’s rare for me to order something (relatively) sight unseen and have it exceed my expectations. The variety of settings is what makes it superior; we’ll have an easier time of inspecting with variations of lighted sides and intensities. Kudos to all […]

Jeremy Audritsh - Xerox

5 stars not enough.. hands down the best after-sale service ever. I will definitely be buying from this company again. Great product backed by great service. Thank you and keep up the good (made in MA!) work, TJ Thompson

TJ Thompson - TJ Thompson Guitars INC | Maynard, MA

Just want you to know I received the magnifier lamp and it’s in perfect condition, was packaged well and is working great. I really feel this was an absolutely fantastic buy. The quality of this one is far superior to the Ledu magnifier lamp I used to have, by several magnitudes. Thanks for having this available.

Steven Sybesma

I have received my 5/8×27 thread for my microphone boom and it fits my shock mount perfect! Thanks to Gregory from – he’s the one that sent it to me to check it out and I’m glad he did, I was having a hard time to find one. The boom is a really lite boom, but I turn into the microphone boom and it works! Thanks O.C WHITE The […]


… I received the upgrade to the old Vision 2000 light sent to me by Wassco. I was very impressed with her immediate response & resolution to my problem. It’s great to see a MA company on the forefront of product design but have the customer focus to support the customer base.

Dennis Fernandes - PrimeraDx

When I first saw the Green-Lite Rectangular Magnifier lamp in our production facilities, I was blown away. It’s cliché, but literally true in this case: it’s like night and day – no other magnifying lamp I’ve ever seen even comes close, and I’ve looked at many. They’re not cheap, but the performance, quality of design, and made-in-America manufacturing make them well worth the investment. Thank you, O.C. White, for an […]

Matt - Intuitive Surgical

Dear Donna: Please advise your managers that I wrote to compliment you on how responsive and creative you were in assisting me with a solution which required a non-standard product based on our telephone exchange. I found it extraordinary that you would take to time to investigate a solution from your warehouse stocks and do so in almost real-time. I will certainly think of O.C. White first when my needs […]

David R. Curry - Hilton Prize Laureates Collaborative

The first two people who got the inspection lamps, love the replacement you picked out. They’re happy the “normal” ones didn’t come in and they got these instead.

Nicolas - Rockwell Collins

I just wanted to say Thank You for the fantastic service you folks did on fixing our broken magnifier. You folks are awesome. We were so happy to get this unit back in operation along with the other three O C Whites that we use. Thank You for building such a damn good American made product. Now you need to get the consumers to take better care of their equipment. […]

Ron Kline - Centerpoint Tungsten LLC

We just installed the ProBoom Ultima three-arm roundtable unit in our studio and it’s by far the best mic arm system we’ve ever had. We’ve used dozens of different configurations in our studio dating back to 2003 – always updating and looking for the best solution. Nothing compares to O.C. White’s new Ultima arms. Other mic arms were either too restrictive, or too bulky and loud. We needed something sleek […]

Mike David - The Red Bar Radio Show

In today’s world of junk products and a throw away mentality it’s nice to see a company who still makes products that will last. This is the first replacement bulb I have had to get for my BIG EYE in 20 years of daily use. Don’t know if I will be around for 20 more years, I’m 67 now but if I am I’ll send you a E mail or […]

Tom Jerow - Happily Retired

I discovered O.C. White at the IMTS this past year. I was so impressed I ordered (10) units of their Green-Lite™ LED rectangular lens models for all my inspection areas. Now all the manufacturing cells want them too! Everybody loves how bright they are and how clear everything looks through the lense. The quality of the support arms are great. Can adjust to any position and they stay put! They […]

Ben - Crane Aerospace and Electronics

When I look around my house, there are very few items that have lasted 30 years. You make the most durable and reliable lamps I have ever seen. The switch on my O.C. White lamp broke after 30 years of fantastic service. I am enclosing the switch so you can match it up with a replacement.

Irving Boim

I love the OC White boom arms. I’ve been using them for over 30 years…first at the station-side and now at my own production company. OC White products are gorgeous, highly functional and indestructible. If you’re serious about your studio, don’t mess with the bargain junk from across the Pacific. Go with OC White.

Pete Thomson - McQ Media | Dallas, Texas

All I can say is, “WOW”. We were all set to order new lamps from a competitor when your Green-Lite series was brought to my attention. After checking out your website I ordered two for our inspection areas. These lights are just fantastic. The build quality and features are so far superior to anything I have ever used or seen in my 20 years in Quality Control. And they are […]

Scott Martin - TE SubCom

When you’re “live” you can’t afford any surprises. That’s why I like the consistent and flawless performance of O.C. White Mic Arms™. I use them in all three of our studios in Hollywood, Chicago, and in Florida. With O.C. White Mic Arms™, what you don’t hear is the reason they’re so good! They are the first choice of every broadcaster I know. – Voice for Blockbuster TV, Sportsfan Radio Network […]

Jeff Davis - Jeff Davis Productions, Inc. | Hollywood, CA
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Oct 5, 2020 / The Podcast Pro™ Mic Arm Reviews Keep Rolling In!

A big thank you to Joshua Verwers for his recent review of our very affordable Podcast Pro™ microphone arm on his video podcast, “What Joshua.” Taking the arm through its paces, he makes some helpful suggestions for installation. He also offers his thoughts on the free Monster Cable that comes built into the arm. As always, […]

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